Hans Goes



I am Hans Goes. I have several years of experience in IT network and security. Building complex infrastructures for large critical environments is challenging and exciting to do. Designing, building, configuring, securing and maintaining/operating environments for enterprises like Rabobank, KLM, ASR, Argenta; all complex landscapes which need 100% uptime and an extreme secure approach. I am experienced with the Akamai product line. I am used to work in big landscapes with great projects.
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Work experience

jan 2018 - current : Royal Flora Holland (via Conclusion) - senior network engineer

Freelance network engineer role at RFH via Conclusion. Conclusion maintains the application and network landscape for RFH. The flower auction building in Aalsmeer is the biggest building in Europe (square meters) , this means the network is wide spread and is critical for the daily operations.
I am involved in many projects to create simplicity, better performance and uptime, costsavings and to minimise operational costs

aug 2010 - dec 2017 : Schuberg Philis BV - mission critical engineer

Responsable for various customers in a network and security role. Within Schuberg Philis each customer has it's own landscape and dedicated customer team. Since every customer has it's dedicated environment, each customer requires their own approach and design. Design, build, operate, secure the environment and keep close contact with customers and suppliers. Integrated Akamai Kona Site Defender for customers like klm.com , ing.nl , Rabobank IDB and Argenta. Working on a daily basis with Akamai WAF, fastDNS, siteshield, ssl certificates and so on.

jun 2007 - aug 2010 : IS Interned Services BV - network engineer

Redesigned the complete network topology. Moved from OSPF to ISIS. Implemented a new distribution layer. Due to customer demands we also introduced a shared Cisco ACE loadbalancing platform. Standardised the managed firewalls environment. Responsable for transit and peering for AS15879.

mrt 2006 - may 2007 : Network Appliance - network engineer

Responsable for the EMEA network infrastructure for all Network Appliance offices. Lifecycle management project : replaced all equipment in EMEA and changed from leased line connectivity to a redundant MPLS network. Supporting the ASIAPAC network.

aug 1998 - feb 2006 : UUNET / MCI WorldCom / Verizon - field engineer/network engineer

Started at UUNET with field installations at customer locations and PoP locations. Completed a complete network refresh from 65 locations to 8 new PoP locations. Integrated UUNET NL / NLNET AS1890 to AS702. After UUNET was acquired by MCI WorldCom the team was integrated in the WorldCom team. Installation of SDH equipment, ISDN30, leased lines and internet connectivity to customers of MCI WorldCom. Build a new MPLS PoP in Moscow

apr 1997 - aug 1998 : DATAMAN Benelux BV - technical engineer

Installation of Solaris systems, DAT drives, Portmaster Livingston routers. Responsable for RMA department and technical website of the company.